I am fortunate to live in an area where no matter which way you turn there is a really great place to run.  Since 2007, I have been running with the likes of Abraham Lincoln,  Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.  I have seen them at their best;  during the Cherry Blossom festival.  And at their worst, during Cherry Blossom Festival.  My loops mostly center around the Mall area in DC.  Often I used to run by the White House at 5:30 in the morning and wonder…if I got jumped right now would those Secrete Service Agents come to my rescue. 

Anyway, as I run I’m gonna start posting my loops with photos if I can.  If there is some place that you really love to run in the DC area,  let me know.  I love to explore new running routes.

My newest most favorite place to run right now is the Mount Vernon trail starting at Belle Haven Marina.  Either way you run on this trail from this point is awesome.  Most of the time, I like to run north from the parking lot and cross over the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and run over to the National Harbor and back.  It’s such a great run.  About a week ago (Sept 4) I was running on this trail at night and as I was making my way back to my car,  when I looked over to my left…over the Potomac River with a full moon on a crystal clear night and caught two Bald Eagles sitting in a tree surveying their choices for dinner that night.  HOW cool is that????

3 mile route – start at Lafayette Park – 15th and H NW, WDC.  From the park, head down 17th street toward the Mall.  Cross over Constitution and say on the sidewalk, right before you get to Independence Ave., hang a left and follow the side-walk to the right of the Park Ranger’s station.  Go up the hill and cross over 15th Street  and keep going until you get to 14th.  Hang a left and go down 14th street untill you get to Constitution.  At Constitution hang a left and continue on till you get to 15th Street.  Make a right and head up 15th until you have passed the White House.  Make a left on Pennsylvania and end at the park.   This is a really nice route.