I’ve been somewhat of a “runner” for about 20 years.  Some years I’m into it more than others.  There have been times when I’d say I was pretty passionate about it but mostly my commitment has been sporadic.  I think to really explain my relationship with running, I would have to say, I run because of the personal challenge it provides.  Each time a run a little longer or a little faster it becomes another tick in my personal win column.  In short, I guess I view running as the one thing I can control in my life…if I put a lot into it, I get a lot out.  It really is just me against myself..not me against the forces that I can’t control.  And, the only person who can determine whether i’m successful or not is me. 

So anyway…the point of this blog is to track my daily progress as I prepare to run the Marine Corps Marathon on October 31, 2010.  *Yeah, not so much anymore. Looks like I”m gonna have to come up with a new “About this Blog” description. * I have run this marathon two times.  Once, I didn’t finish due to lack of commitment at the end of my training (got lazy after my 26 mile training run).  The second time I ran it, I finished but with a very embarrassing time of like 6 hours and 5 minutes.  I did make it over the bridge before it was closed thus averting the dreaded bus over the 14th street bridge, but in my mind I can do better.  So, my goal this year is to do 5 hours and 20 minutes max!  My daily updates are going to tell the story of my attempt to be my personal best this time.  Hopefully, some of that will spill over to other things in my life.