Hello there my little woodpeckers!

I say that cuz when I was on my run yesterday I straight up saw a woodpecker …I was trying to be all stealth and pull out my camera so I could snap a shot of him …but alas…he flew away before I could draw…but here is exactly what he looked like


I did get a couple of pics of the pond I run around and the trail I run on when I’m at home…(in Burke…ewwwwww).

The pics are pretty …so at least there was some saving grace of that horrible run.   I thought Saturday’s run was bad until I tried to venture out yesterday….GHAH!!!  I set out to do 3 but my legs were so tired and I was feeling so weak that  I was only able to run two…like I said on Saturday…I know getting back is always hard…and I need to just stick with it cuz eventually I’ll be back in full effect…just sucks getting to that point again….meh.

Well, until next time …keep on keep’n on.