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April 2016

Sunday Blues….

Hello there my little woodpeckers!

I say that cuz when I was on my run yesterday I straight up saw a woodpecker …I was trying to be all stealth and pull out my camera so I could snap a shot of him …but alas…he flew away before I could draw…but here is exactly what he looked like


I did get a couple of pics of the pond I run around and the trail I run on when I’m at home…(in Burke…ewwwwww).

The pics are pretty …so at least there was some saving grace of that horrible run.   I thought Saturday’s run was bad until I tried to venture out yesterday….GHAH!!!  I set out to do 3 but my legs were so tired and I was feeling so weak that  I was only able to run two…like I said on Saturday…I know getting back is always hard…and I need to just stick with it cuz eventually I’ll be back in full effect…just sucks getting to that point again….meh.

Well, until next time …keep on keep’n on.


Uggggg!! I hate getting back to it

Had the worst run today…I so so so hate getting back to running.   I was extremely tired and so did not want to go…and it was unusually cold here in DC, in fact, it was snowing this morning…

BUT, I finished!!!  I squeezed out 3 miles.  Terrible time and painful as hell but so happy I did it.  I know soon, this is all be so much easier.  sadface

Long time since our last encounter…

Hey there my little chickadees!

Long time since our last encounter….right?

Yeah, those last couple of blog entries were kinda getting off point, and for that, I apologize.   I was not myself for the better part of last year…hopefully, I’ve left all that nonsense behind me and can start being Lynda normal again…like this is a blog about running…well, you know..sorta but I think you get what I’m try’n to lay down here…

For the most part, after the Army 10 Miler last year, my running went to shit…as it always does after a race but this time I did sorta had an excuse…on my birthday, I cracked a rib while I was drunk ice skating with my kids (adult kids for all you haters want’n to hate) and that was enough for me to call it quits on the running gig for the winter…

Well, it’s not winter anymore… and, after gaining 10lbs since last November, it’s time to get run’n again…UGH!!!!  I always hate start’n over…it’s the worst…your body just goes into extreme revolt!!  My lungs are all like “um…what the fuck, man??”   “this injustice will not stand!!!”  But like…I know I gotta go through it so it’s time to just suck it up and get back out there.

As many of you all know…(I know , there are not many that read this blog but I try to pretend), I’m not very good with the whole self-motivation thing.   Like, the few times I have finished a marathon it’s been based on the fact that I was raising money for charity and after people started actually giving toward the cause I was supporting…well then, I felt obligated to run the damn thing…other than that, I would have NEVER finished…..cuz  to be honest…I’m a lazy fuck most of the time.   But, I’m trying like hell to dig deep down and find some self-motivation to push myself into running Richmond this year.   I told myself, “self, when you turn 50 you’re gonna do one more marathon (my last one) within your 50th year.”  It looks like Richmond is, I think, the last one I can finish before my 51st birthday…I mean like other than New York, but let’s not kid ourselves here…I’d NEVER qualify for NY.  So Richmond it is.   I signed up yesterday and made my hotel reservations so I’ve eliminated at least two reasons I could use to say I couldn’t run it this year.

After getting all the admin stuff out of the way, I was feeling pretty motivated to run last night…I wanted to do my normal Mall route but had some issues with my building pass so I just jumped in the car and headed down to Hains Point…Hains Point is always a good starter route for me because it’s soooo flat that even in my worst shape I can always squeeze out 3 mile…so, you know,  that always helps with the motivation.   If you’re from DC you know exactly what I’m talking about …but if you’re not here’s a photo showing how flat it is…(that’s me in the pic, btw).


It poured all day yesterday  so the Potomac was pretty swollen..when that happens the sidewalk gets flooded out as you can see…


So, for most of the time I had to run on the road..which is no biggie cuz there are never any cars at night…all the tourist are tucked in their memory foam hotel beds safe and sound…

One of the coolest things about running on Hanes Point (truth be told there are very few cool things about running on Hains Point to which all past MCM runners can attest) is being able to look across the river and watch the planes take off and land at DCA.   Check it out…looks like they are landing on the river itself…too cool!!!


But anyway…I did it…3 miles down and feeling good!!!   My time was atrocious…35 mins.. but I was doing a run/walk ratio so….oh whatever, it was terrible and I know it…but I gotta start somewhere.   Right?  Let’s see how the next seven months go…

Till next time dolls…keep on keep’n on.

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