I did it!   I ran last night.   I wasn’t able to do 4 but I did do 3….and man oh man was it U-G-L-Y.   I’ve been sick with an upper respiratory cold…for those of us afflicted with asthma, the added fun that comes with having a cold is most awesome….and to add to that …I’ve been smoking a lot lately (not recommended for asthmatics)…I don’t smoke all the time, just whenever I drink…but like lately, that’s been every day that ends in “y.”   I’m a frigg’n mess!!


Theeeen, what’s even better….as a woman, who is on the eve of turning 50 and has had 4 kids, weeeelll, let’s just say the bladder control isn’t as it should be so…so, with the coughing, wheezing, and snot rocketing, I was an excretory vision….I went running into one of the bathrooms by the Lincoln Memorial and there were these old ladies in there (tourists no doubt)…whose whole evening was disrupted by this dripping monster slopping all over the bathroom stall trying to grab some toilet paper to wipe up the stream of mucus coming out of my nose….I’m so pretty….

But, like I said in the beginning…I did it.   One step in the right direction, right? It was yet another beautiful night last night…this fall really has been idyllic….I’ve been fortunate to try to start training in a year where whether has not been an issue…it’s just been me…

Here are some pics that I took.

IMG_1090 (5)

IMG_1087 (4)

IMG_1088 (4)

Till next time my little petunias….keep on keep’n on.