So check it…I’m not only posting on this site twice in one week but in two consecutive days! Think that might be a record…certainly not something I plan to make a habit of, but I felt the desire to do it today cuz I had such an awesome run last night.   Sunday was kinda shitty cuz I only did two miles and was not feeling it at all…I was bummed with myself cuz it seemed like I was starting to give up again.   I had only run twice the week before and then Sunday was so hard I felt defeated…BUT, I was determined to do at least 4 last night to make up for lack of miles on Sunday and I ended up doing 5.25.   It was the perfect fall night…cool, windy and by the time I got out there, most of the tourist were done for the day.

Side note: I frigg’n hate DC tourists….i know, they are a necessary evil for this city and I have been a tourist in many cities myself but when I travel, I try really hard not to be a complete douche bag and try to respect the fact that people actually live in the cities that I visit…these ass hats do not seem to reciprocate the same courtesy…the one thing that really sends me over the edge is when they don’t abide by simple cross walk rules…trying to drive in DC is a bit like playing GTA to begin with…when you add a bunch of dumbass tourists into the mix it makes it nearly impossible to get to work without killing someone….anyway, I digress.

Yeah…so my run last night was just so awesome….i didn’t have to pick up BB4 cuz she was with her dad, it was just me all night…I had all the time in the world to run and enjoy the city….it could not have been any more perfect..the leaves are all turning here in DC and as the wind blew it almost looked as if it was snowing big flakes of gold and red and brown…so so cool. Here are some pics I took along the way…

IMG_0893 (4) FullSizeRender (5) FullSizeRender (3) IMG_0897 (3) IMG_0890 (3) IMG_0908 (3)

In the end, I was so happy and feeling so good.   It just all made me realize, that for right now…this is all I need to keep me occupied as I sort out what’s next for me.

Till next time my little violets…keep on keep’n on.