266-800It’s been two years since I’ve posted anything new on this blog…I wish I could say I had some really good reason for the hiatus but…sadly, there isn’t…I mean there isn’t any good reason other than the fact that I let the minutia of life take the wheel…and shit..we all know the outcomes of letting that happen…marriages fail, careers end, friends part…..and we end up looking back saying, “well, how did I get here?” (Sorry for the cheesy reference David).

Well my little skittles, it’s time the hiatus ended and I got back to business…shit man, this whole running thing really has been such a perfect metaphor for my life. I start, I stop and then start again, but never really ever give up. I just keep coming back…and trying again.

Several weeks ago I attempted to get back in the swing of things by rejoining my old running group and buying some fancy new shoes. By the way…you know you’ve been away from running a long time when go to buy new shoes and the guy in the running store asks, “what are you running in now?” and you respond by saying, “Nike Structure” and he looks at you in a way that you know he recognizes your own embarrassment because that shoes has been discontinued for about two years. But I digress….

With the shitty weather we had in DC this winter and going in and out of being sick, I found it hard to get back in a groove…but, this past Sunday I started with a new mindset and a new motivation. That motivation came from someone I care very deeply for and who, though a series of his own realizations, helped me remember all the things I wanted to be and to do but seemed to lose sight of. The new mindset came from a realization I had…I know, I know…I’ve had all kinds of realizations and epiphanies yada yada yada yada…but here’s the thing, man….like, I think this one is legit…like, I realized that typically…the way I operate in life is that I kinda just skate by…doing the bare minimum, convincing myself that I’m doing my best…but every now and then, someone comes along..someone with balls down to their knees and calls me out, saying to me..”no man, you’re not fU*&ing trying hard enough.” When that happens, at first I get super pissed (as you can imagine)…but then I become super motivated, cuz I hate getting called out for shit that I know, deep in my heart, I’m guilty of doing but have convinced myself that it’s okay. Whelp, it’s not okay…and I’m getting my ass back in gear.

Sunday started off with a quick little run just to get me moving again.   It was the first beautiful morning we’ve had in months…it was about 40 degrees and sunny and the snow and ice were just starting to fade under a most welcomed early spring sun. I did about 2.5 miles and I felt awesome…I was so happy to be back. But last night, oh man, last night was my first real test.   I left work at 5 PM and did not get out of the city (less than 2 miles) until almost 7 PM. I missed running with my group and to add to the mix, it was pouring rain, but I had my workout written on my hand ( 4 x 1000 meters with 100 meter recoveries and then 5 x 200 meters with 100 meter recoveries) and I was determined to get it done.   I went to Ben Brennan Park..cuz like I’ve run that park so many times I have every meter marked in my head…and started my run.   It was pouring down rain and super foggy…like, it reminded me of a scene in some horror movie with the warmth of the rain causing fog to rise up off the still frozen pond but it was perfect!!!   I felt so good to be out there…to be running again and taking care of me.   Whoot! Can hardly wait for Thursday.

So, with that my little chickadees…farewell until next time!