I’m sitting at my desk right now writing a blog post about running while I am skipping my running work out…somehow that just seems like an error in judgment on my part.   I can sit here right now and make all kinds of excuses for why I’m not running like;  I had to work late, I’m starting to feel like I’m getting sick, I ran really hard the past two nights and was worried that I might start to hurt myself but deep down inside I know they are nothing but excuses…but, I figured if I’m not going to run I can at least write about running.

So, I didn’t do the Woodrow Wilson ½ Marathon…I’m sure that goes without saying cuz if I had, you know I would have been writing all about it.  No, I went to PA instead and ate and drank stuff I shouldn’t have.  But, I came back home ready to get down to business.  I went to my track workout on Tuesday.  We were doing 800 meter repeats.  The goal of the evening was to try to finish each  800 meters in the number of minutes we want to finish a marathon…so for example; if my goal marathon time was 4 hours 50 mins then I would need to finish my 800s in 4 minutes 50 seconds.   Pretty cleaver, Ay? It’s funny to think that there is someone somewhere who got paid all kinds of money for coming up with that training regime….hopefully it works.  So I did 7 of those repeats and I was kinda pleased with the fact that I was able to not only do it but I was also able to keep up my goal time. 

Last night, I started running with a coworker who just started getting into running.  She really is just starting out.  I think about a month ago was the very first time she actually ran outside.  I’m stoked to help someone along in becoming a runner…it’s like the first time you introduce your kids to real music…(no, Disney Music Sing-a-long does not count…neither does Karly ray whatsherface).  I’m talking like when your 4 year old can tell you not only that Train in Vain was done by the Clash but it was the last track on the London Calling album and that it’s not listed on the cover.   That’s what I’m talk’n bout! 

But I digress ..so I started running with N (that’s what I’m calling her to protect the innocent), and found it to be kinda weird.  First…it’s odd that she wants to have a running partner but she doesn’t want to talk..she wants to just listen to music.  N, if you’re reading this, don’t take offense.  I know we all have our own weird-ass idiosyncrasies ..i’m sure there are 10 of mine that you can rattle off the top of your head that you can’t stand so I’m not hate’n…I’m just saying it’s weird.  Normally, when you run with someone you do it for the company to help keep your mind off the pain or monotony you might be feeling during the run.  It just seems so foreign to me…and I’m not quite sure how to run around her…like I don’t want to come off as being that ass that runs a head of you and then runs back to you backwards “to work the quads” (you know exactly who I’m talking about) but I also want to kinda help push her beyond her comfort zone..that’s what running partners do…but the strangest most disturbing thing about the whole thing is…..I’m thinking to myself the WHOLE time while I’m running with her…”I can’t let her get in front of me!”  WHAT IS THAT???  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME????  Dude, am I’m that much of a competitive asshole????  GEEEEEZE, sometime I am such a tool!  WHY???? WHY??? WHY??? Would that be such an issue for me if she did????  Who knows…I’m not gonna worry about that right now…I need to get out of here and go home. 

Till next time my muffins!  Happy running.