Hola my little tarts and tartlets!

First, I want to start off by clarifying a comment I made about my running group in my last post.  I might have diss’ed my fellow runners (and coaches) a bit yesterday…and for that, I want to apologize.  They are a bit militant, I think several of them might view that as a complement, but if it wasn’t for my running group I would not have been able to make the progress that I have made over the past year.  Collectively they push me harder than I ever could on my own and for that, I thank them. 

Okay, now that I cleared my conscience I can talk about other stuff…like my run last night.  Didn’t go with my group because by the time I left work at 7:10 PM, my group was more than ½ done with their workout so I had to go it alone last night.  I decided to stay in the city cuz there’s still plenty of people out at that time and there are lots of street lights.  A couple of weeks ago I ran on the Mount Vernon trail around 7:30 PM and though it was beautiful and I got the opportunity to see two bald eagles chilling in a tree next to the river under the full moon, it was really dark when I was finished and my car and the child stealer van parked next to me were the only two vehicle in the parking lot.  It just didn’t give me the warm fuzzies so needless to say, I opted to run in a more rape and stab adverse environment.    I took my normal path down toward the Lincoln Memorial and I’m happy to report that most of the renovations are done so the Reflecting Pool is back to it’s beautiful state; not original really cuts it’s even better sans all the dead animals that have been cleared out of it. 

As I was cutting across the stairway at the eastern end of the memorial, I looked over to my left and low and behold….I saw a fox running in the green area between the Lincoln Memorial and the Korean War Memorial.  I was like, “holy shit! A fox in the middle of DC.”  I started running down the ramp toward the War memorial in hot pursuit of this fox.  As I was telling my husband the story last night, he was all like, “okay Davey Crocket..What would you have done with him if you caught up to him?”  Valid question…unfortunately I did not have an equally valid response cuz I hadn’t thought the whole thing through at that point.  I just was really interested in seeing how the tourists were gonna react to him. 

By the time I got to the War Memorial, my little furry tailed canid friend had scurried off into the shadows and I found myself standing at the back of the Korean War Memorial.  Dudes…if you have never seen this memorial before,  I suggest waiting until dark to visit it for the first time….it is the most ominously surreal thing to see by moonlight.  I hate to admit it, but that was the first time I had ever made my way down there to see it so I guess that’s why the whole thing kinda took me by surprise…but for reals, take a look at this shit!  It’s freaky right?   


It kinda takes your breath away the way the artist depicted the solders as if they were walking through a field in full gear.  The statues portray the soldiers to be about 25% larger than an average man which makes it all seem even more poignant.  I hate the use the word creepy but I can’t think of another word to describe it better.   Sometimes it’s just really hard to conceptualize the sacrifices that fellow Americans have made for this country in order to protect what we as Americans believe in.  The men and women who have served and continue to serve our country in Foreign Wars to protect us at home really are 25% larger than real life. 

The rest of my run seemed kinda uneventful after that but it was a beautiful night and I was stoked that I was able to take advantage of the early fall weather.  The past several days have been nothing short of perfect here in the nation’s capital.  Man it’s gonna be hard to move away from this.