Last night I changed things up a bit and decided to run down in the city after work instead of meeting up with my group.  Since I’ve started with my group, I don’t really run in the city any more.  I kinda miss running by myself.  Forgot how much I enjoy it. 

I ran my normal loop that I do down by the reflecting pool and was both bummed and surprised by what is going on down on the Mall.  There is this huge reconstruction project going on and the whole pool was fenced off and the base of the structure has been all dug up.  Not sure what they are doing but man, it looks terrible. 

Here is what my route used to look like.




And here is what it looks like now. 



It’s a sad state of affairs but hopefully when they are done it will look better than it did before…

After I left the Lincoln Memorial, I ran up to the Monument and the area around the base of the building was roped off to keep pedestrians from getting too close. Turns out that after the earthquake, there was a structural crack at the top of the Monument and so there is this guy tethered to the very top fixing the damage.   I guess this is of great interest to folks because there were a ton of NEWS trucks filming this guy dangling from the top; over 500 feet in the air.  I’m assuming they wanna be there first if he should happen to drop to his death…ohhhh, I guess that’s why they have that area roped off.  Interesting.

See that, had I just been riding in my car I would have missed all of that…..Running really puts you in the mix of things.

Sunday is my race…I’m feeling pretty good about it.  My run went really well last night.  The cooler temperatures make the world of difference.  It’s suppose to be 45 degrees and sunny!!! Perfect.  Hopefully it will be a good race.  Tuesday night as I was leaving my group after our workout, my coach came up to me and asked, “so what’s the plan?”  I was like “what?” And he was all like…”what is the plan for the race?”  To which I responded, “To finish?”  He chuckled…and then said, “no, what is the plan for how you’re gonna run it?”  I thought that was kind of a funny question but I then realized he was talking strategy…never really thought about it but I guess when you do run a race you kinda have a mental strategy of how you’re gonna get through it.  Thing can plan and strategize all you want but you never know what kind of race you’re gonna have till you have it.  Going in to it, I guess my plan is to only walk at the water stops and stop at every water stop.  That seemed to work for me during the Rock n’ Roll ½ so we will see how it goes.  I just need to move a little faster between stops. 

I’ll be sure to let you know…

Wish me luck!