Last night I was supposed to do a track workout with my running buds, but when I got to the track I was met by my coach who was trying to redirect folks to the Cross County Trail for our workout. Turns out, on occasion, Lee High School has football games at home. Who knew?

Anyway…so we all head over to the CCT (that’s what we cool cats call it). When we got to the parking lot, there was a big sign stating the park was closed. Ignoring the sign, cuz clearly it does not pertain to us; we parked in the church parking lot next to the trail and went down to start our workout. Apparently, due to all the rain we had last week, the whole damn field was flooded. In the springtime this area is jammed packed with little leaguers playing ball, chewing on some Big Chew, spitt’n out sunflower seed shells and dreaming of being the next Jeter. It’s actually pretty cool to see…it’s like this whole little subculture that goes on just for the sake of baseball. How wonderfully American? I LOVE it! But anyway I digress…as we are walking through the grass to get to the trail, the entire ground was soaked and had turned into this nasty clay like sludge that made walking without slipping next to impossible. The whole time I was walking through the muck I was thinking…this is NOT sanitary..there’s a treatment plant that attaches to this creek and if the creek overflowed then that must have also!! YUCK. But, we go ahead as planned and start running…we were supposed to do 8 to 10 800s at a 5k pace. No problem, but I was wicked tired (too much drinking and not enough sleeping the night before), and by the time we got to the CCT it was close to 7 and it was starting to get dark. Well, I got through 9 of the 800s (we were doing an out and back for each 800) and when I got to the turnaround point, several of my running mates were standing on the trail huddled around a dark mass in the middle of the trail…IT WAS A FRIGG’N Copperhead!!!

OHHHHH HELL NO!!! As much as I try to pretend that I’m an Urban Warrior, I am deathly afraid of snakes..particularly ones that are venomous. Seriously, you just don’t understand….as soon as I see a snake, my entire body starts to react. I feel things crawling up my legs and things sliding down my back…my heart starts to race…I go into full on panic attack mode. It’s nuts, I know but I can’t seem to shake this kind of response. So needless to say the snake + 800 meters on a dark unkempt trail gave me a whole new kind of incentive to run fast. Dude, I took off like a bat out of hell. The fast runners in our group were no match for me…I was haul’n ass like never before. I passed my coach on my way back to the base and when he finally caught up with us he said “you guys really poured it on at the end.” “Hmmmm, should I tell him why? “ Nope..I just took it for what it was… but I did learn something valuable as a result of this fiasco…I CAN run fast…even when I’m tired. Good to know. last note…guess no one cares which race I do cuz NONE of yas voted!  Whatever…either way I decided to to the Woodrow Wilson Bridge 1/2 Marathon.  And if you feel guilty for not caring, you can come out to cheer me on October 2nd. 

Till next time, keep on keep’n on!