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Hola mi amigos!

So the race is over and I’m fully recovered both from the race and the celebration afterwards.   It’s funny, now that  it’s over, I’m like sorta in this state of limbo trying to determine if I want to sign up for another ½ at the end of this month or not.  I had such a fantastic race I think I could be talked into signing up for a full marathon right now but there is this voice of reason buried back somewhere in the back of my head saying “hell NO!”  But, as you know…being a Type A person, I can’t let the fact go that I did not achieve my goal time.  I did a lot better than the last time I ran the ½ in 2009; took 11 minutes off my overall time, but I just didn’t get under 2:30 and that just sticks in my craw (whatever that means) so I’m gearing up for another one either the 1st or 2nd of October.    The one on the 1st is the Freedom ½ marathon in WVA…out in Shepherdstown.  Looks like it might be a bit challenging with all the hills…but it also looks so beautiful.  I love the Shenandoah Valley so much!!  The race on the 2nd is a bit closer to home …it’s the Woodrow Wilson Bridge ½ marathon.  It’s always nice to run a race that is right in your back yard.  It starts at Mt. Vernon …goes down the parkway, over the WW Bridge and ends at the new National Harbor.  Not a bad place for a post race celebration.  So those are my options and I’m still trying to decide.