So, I kinda fell off the wagon again with this whole blog writing thing.  It wasn’t so much because I just lost interest…it really was more because I was a little freaked out when I got feedback/comments from people I didn’t know…and the feedback was crappy to boot.  I just flipped my lid thinking someone that I didn’t even know was passing judgment on how I parent.  Not cool.  So, I stopped writing. 

Now here I am…4 days before my goal race this year (the Rock n’ Roll ½ Marathon in VA Beach) thinking, what a pooosah I am for letting one person’s comment stop me from doing something I really enjoy doing.  Running and writing about running are two of the few things in my life that are truly mine and I allowed some dumbass half wit keep me from doing one of them.  Ugh!  I’ve missed months of fun stories…inspirational stories about running mates and their personal battles…it’s kind of a shame but sometimes we have to lose what we love to do in order for us to realize how much we love it. 

On Sunday morning at 7:00 AM, I will being standing on the starting line of the Rock n’ Roll ½ marathon ready to run my best ½ marathon of my life.  I’ve run this race several times in the past, but it has always been by myself…and with the intent of just finishing but this time there’s a little more at stake.  I have spent the better part of the past 5 months running with a group of people who have started to mean a great deal to me.  In my group, I’ve seen people battle cancer, sort through the loss of parents and deal with horrific accidents that have left family members in the hospital struggling to regain some semblance of what their life once was…and yet they show up every week and keep on keep’n on.  They face their challenges with courage and strength and they like me, use running as one way to try to keep it all in check.  I’ve learned so much about these folks in such a short time and though we are all so very different and we all have such a different approach to running the bottom line is, we all really love it do it (even though we complain a lot while we are doing it). 

I am so thankful for the experiences that I’ve had this past summer and I look forward to many more as I continue to run with my group.  I am also thankful that I am able to run this race this year.  I will never take my ability to run for granted ever again.  Who knows, next year something my happen that would prevent me from running but this year, I’m good to go and I’m gonna enjoy every minute of it.  I might not run it any faster than I have in the past but I will run it with a much better attitude…and this year I am running it for someone who couldn’t but I’m sure she will be back in full force next year to kick my butt….here’s to you Celina.  I hope I do you proud.