I know I know my little peanuts; it’s been way too long since my last entry.  I think I’ve run like 1,000 races since my last post.  Okay, maybe not that many but it’s been a lot. 

Let’s see, on May 8, I ran the Patriot’s cup with my running group.  I did okay.  I think my final time was 51 minutes.  Not great but I was still dealing with the hamstring issue.  I just felt bad for my group.  I think if it wasn’t for me the group would have come in 2nd and not 5th overall, but you know that’s how it is sometimes.

On Mother’s day, Metro Run and Walk hosted a very low key Mother’s Day 5k.  After I did my morning run with my group, the spousal unit joined me at the lake with my little nuggets in tow.  My littlest nugget was the only one that decided to run the 5K with me.  I was kinda beat after my morning run but didn’t think much of running the 5K cuz after Ms. B’s performance at her last 5K, I thought it would be a nice leisurely run with my B celebrating Mother’s day.   Yeah, that totally was not the case.  About a quarter mile into the race B looked back at me and asked,  “mommy, can I run as fast as I want?”  I was like sure…have a party.  So she took off and this is how it went down after that:

Hmmm, there she goes…going kinda fast but that’s okay.  She’ll get tired soon.  Hmmm, she’s not tired.  I’m a little concerned, I can barely see her.  Dag nab it, I have to start to kick it into gear.  Oh my gawd, she’s not stopping and she’s passing people who look like real athletes.  Okay great!!!! NOW I’m out of breath.  SURELY she’s gonna stop soon.  Oh heaven above, I can barely keep her in view.  The turnaround is coming up.  I know for sure she’s gonna stop then.  I should be able to catch up with her then.  Hmmm, look at that.  She didn’t stop.  She just kept on going.  For the love of gawd B, please slow down…mommy is tired. 

Yeah, that was pretty much how the race went.  She did finally stop…at about the same spot on the trail where she took off going out.  She waited there for me to catch up…unfortunately, she had to go to the bathroom (poor little thing has a sensitive system) but had she not stopped she was well on her way to finishing that race at a 9:30 pace or even faster.  I think I’m going to have to find a new running partner soon.  This one has out run me!