Happy Friday my little buttercups. I hope everyone has had a wonderful week.

An interesting thing has happened with regard to my blog. For some reason, when I started writing this thing, I never, for the life of me thought that anyone outside of those that I guilted into reading it would ever actually read it. Therefore, the thought of getting comments (either negative or positive) from people I didn’t know obviously didn’t occur to me either. So when I did get a comment yesterday, from someone outside of my circle of trust, I found myself forced to make a decision that I was not prepared to make. Do I censor the comments made on this site???…particularly if I think they are stupid and uncalled for and completely unfounded or do I post/approve them in the spirit of the freedom of information; a concept that is the very cornerstone of the Internet.

Hmmmmm, Vhat to do, Vhat to do, Vhat to do.

As those you who know me with any sort of familiarity, you know that I vehemently oppose any sort of censorship. I could go on for DAYS on this subject because I feel so strongly about how import an person’s right is to have access to all information available to them, but I will spare you the gory details and just let you know that I will NEVER not approve a comment unless it is something clearly SPAM in nature or might get me in trouble with WordPress. This is a promise I make to you all (cross my heart hope to die stick a needle in my eye). However, I must caveat that by saying the following: “Dear Reader, take heed and comment to, on or about my postings at your own risk.” Because once you open yourself up to feeling confident enough to challenge me on anything I write, you are fair game for any sort of response/retort that I might feel evoked to write in response to your stupidity…I mean comment.

And since we are on the subject of my site’s “policies,” another sort of dilemma has surfaced and that relates to the subject of advice. Again…this is the sort of thing I did not prepare myself for cuz I never thought I’d have any willing readers…maybe after this post I won’t have to worry about it ever again, but the idea of someone asking my running advice never occurred to me either. Just for the record, that still hasn’t’ happened (though stupid me thought it did) but I thought I’d get ahead of the game on this one and make an official statement on it. So here goes: I will respond to anyone’s questions about running with absolute sincerity, but unfortunately I’m just a cut rate “runner” who can only provide responses based on my limited experiences and/or success …but I vow to provide advice to anyone who asks that will be as helpful as I found it to be.

There…I feel much better. We all know where we stand now.

Okay but wait…one more thing….I have to comment on the question that was posted as a Trackback on my site (side note, I had to look up what a Trackback was today cuz I’m such a newbe to all this). Dumbass me actually thought someone was asking my advice but that’s neither here nor there, the question was…., “Should I run the day before a 5K race.” To which my response is….it depends.

All right petunias…I’m off. Got to get ready for my 5K tonight in Crystal City.  It looks like a pretty fun event…check out how much fun these ladies are having

Till next time, keep on running!!!!