Hola my little egg noodles….

Sorry my posts have been few and far between these days but seeing that I don’t get paid for writing this blog (though it would be cooler if I did), I have to fit time to write it in between work (where I actually do get paid), runs, running workouts, kids, sleep….etc. Man, life would be so awesome if all I had to do was run and write about running…well; maybe if I had to do it in order to get paid it might suck all the fun out of it… and then I’d have to be all good at it and stuff…yeah, no. I’ll just keep it like it is.

Yesterday, I ran my first “official” race of the year. I say “official” because last weekend I did, in fact, run a 5k with Bella, but that was Bella’s race. I was just there to make sure she didn’t get hit by a car or something tragic like that. She was the star of that show and star she was!!! I know I’ve mentioned this a time or two before but I’m so proud of my little wooodahboodah!

Anyway…I ran my first official race of the year/running season. I wish I could say it was great…or that it was awesome and I kicked ass but the fact of the matter is…it was *meh*. In the car on the way there, I was all kinds of jacked up…I had a lot of stuff on my mind other than the race itself and I felt more anxiety than excitement. I was do’n the whole heavy sighs and was trying like hell to get myself psyched and ready to run. When we got to Shady Grove Metro, I jumped out of the car, headed over to the starting line where I waited for like 1,000 hours for the race to start and then another 1,000 hours for my pace group to be able to cross the starting line. Yeah, I’m in the back of the pack with the 10 min + runners, and yes, it normally does take a little longer to start, cuz I know all the elite runners don’t want us slow pokes in the way, but common it took over 10 minutes from when the initial gun went off till the time when I crossed the start line!!!!! There weren’t that many runners for chrissake.

With that, I have to have a little side bar here to the race organizers of the Pikes Peek 10K….dudes, you need to get your shit in order. I’ve been running this race consecutively for the past 4 years, and before that I have been running it since it was the Frtizbee’s 10k back in 1991 and every year I run it, it gets a little more disorganized and a little less fun. I understand it’s a huge under taking to plan and put on a race (I was the chair of a 5K race in Frederick once…long story, don’t want to ever talk about it however must mention….for water cups, to be used at the water station, I was given those pointy ended cups that you get in the dentist chair…


How are you gonna put them on a flat surfaced table for cry’n outloud?!?! And, that was one of the minor things that went wrong. WHAT A FREAK’n nightmare!!!), and I know there is always something that comes out of left field that will screw things up but this race has been on a downward trajectory for the past several years. Standing at the starting line for 20 minutes waiting for race to start 10 mins past its posted time…listening to some clown on a 200 year old PA system making announcements that were not recognizable as any form of human speech, freezing one’s ass off is not the way to get psyched for a race. I’m just say’n.

So anyway…I was standing on the starting line…totally not in my head at all and from the second I crossed the starting line till the last ¼ mile of that run I was not in that race at all. I don’t know if it was me, or if it was the lack of enthusiasm around me or the fact that I was there by myself, or that I was stress’n myself out over an unrealistic goal I set for myself, but I just wasn’t into it. I wasn’t busy checking out fellow runners and what type of gear they had, or paying attention to course and the things I was passing along the way. I didn’t even say thank you to the volunteers on the course…that’s really not like me at all…normally, I’m 100% so thankful for them being there I go out of my way to thank them for their support…I didn’t even look them in their eyes when I took the water (boy I’m a douche sometimes).
My time was meh. It was the best I’ve done over the past four race. Here’s sort of a quick look at my most recent times for this race:

2008 clock time 1:11:48 personal time 1:07:28 average pace 10:52
2009 clock time 78:11 personal time 69:22 average pace 11:10 * it was like 150 degrees that day.
2010 clock time 1:14:51 personal time 1:07:13 average pace 10:50
2010 clock time 1:15:44 personal time 1:03:08 average pace 10:10

I wish I could have done better…I was really hoping for an even 60 minutes, but that’s the beauty of running..there is always next time.

I wish I knew why I felt so disconnected during this race…maybe it was personal shit and it had nothing to do with the race itself. I don’t know…but I do know, I hope I never run another race with the same sort of mindset or lack of enthusiasm again.

Till next time my little bow tie pastas, keep on running!!!!