Greetings my little…cupcakes? How’s that one sound?? I’m kinda partial to it seeing that I own Georgetown Cupcakes. Not really…but that’s what my 7 year old told her entire kindergarten class last year and everyone at St. Bernadette’s thought that Bella’s mommy was a pathological liar. Saddest part is…I really did have the idea to open a cupcakery waaaay before those two clowns did AND it hurts me to my soul that Bella has to make up what mommy does for a living cuz she has no interest in what mommy really does. Oh well what’s a girl to do. But side note; I am bitter about the Georgetown Cupcake thing. My cupcakes are 1,000 times better than theirs!!!! So, now that I think about it, cupcakes is not gonna work. I’ve gotta keep on searching.

Nuff of that…so I went for my Sunday long run today. I got to our meeting place by 8 am. That in and of itself is a huge feat…you know, cuz it’s Sunday for chrissake. I know why you have to get up that early in the summer cuz it gets all hot and nasty by 8 am but it’s 35 degrees outside. Why in the hell do we have to run so early when it’s cold? Whatever, I’m sure there’s a reason for it and I just need to trust the powers of the coaches and stop whining. But damn, I hate getting up early on Sunday..

When I got to the parking lot of Panera Bread I saw my group all bright eyed and bushy tailed, revved and ready to run. I got out of my truck (Starbucks in hand) walked over to everyone and the coach was there sorting out who was running what distance. When I headed out this morning I thought it would be an ambitious run if I did 8k today and that was what was in my head, 8k…but as everyone in my group was spouting out “9 miles, 11 miles, 13 miles” the peer pressure got the best of me and I was all like, “I can do whatever you guys are up for.” I am such a sofa king sometimes! Thank gawd the coach brought it back to reality a bit and suggested we all do the loop around the lake which is just over 7 miles. I was still a bit apprehensive, but 7 miles was doable. Even if I just did the 8k, I could easily walk the last two…no problem. Fortunately, there was a girl there (Mary is her name) who was feeling the pre run apprehension as much as I was so we decided to stick together and push our way through it as a team. “Thank you Mary.”

It’s funny, and I’m not sure this happens to everyone, but at the beginning of almost every run, I have this moment where I am just riddled with anxiety and I fear that I can’t do this run. I get myself so psyched out that I fail before I even start. I have to talk myself off the ledge and say to myself, “self, you can do this…you can always walk if you have to.” For once, I would love to be able to start a run and fell like frigg’n Atalanta and be all like “let’s do this!” She is so badass by the way..she was taught how to hunt by a bear!!!! How awesome is that??  Here’s a picture of her racing Hippoblablabla.  She lost the race to him so she had to marry him or whatnot…i’m sure he cheated because she was pretty hard core.

Well, Mary and I took our time..we did about 11 minute miles the whole way, stopping to walk when we needed to, but we finished and I went two miles beyond what I was gonna do so that’s a plus. Along the way, I shared a story with Mary that I got from my daughter Katie.  

Here’s a picture of Katie and I incase you’ve never met her.

When Katie was running high school track she had this awesome coach who used to push the kids on Katie’s track team. Every time the team would run a little harder or a little longer than the time before, he used to say, “You’re putting that one in the bank.” That expression has always stuck with me…and as Mary and I were trying to decided if we were gonna run or walk up the very last hill before quitting she looked at me and said, “let’s put this one in the bank.”