More powerful than the will to win is the courage to begin

That’s what I have to keep telling myself when I have weeks like this one.  Dude, it’s hot outside!!! 

I started off my week by doing my long run on Sunday.  I did 8 very long, very hot and very soggy (because of the humidity) miles.  Honestly, I don’t think I’ve fully recovered from that run and it is now Tuesday.  I’ve been extra tired and EXTREAMLY cranky and I think it’s because I feel so tired and run down.  I was up at 5 AM this morning to make sure I got my run in.  Seriously, it took everything in my being to get out 4 miles; again it was hot outside but the thing that was affecting me the most was how tired I was feeling.  I’m starting to think it might be what I eat.  I don’t maintain a very healthy diet…lots of junk like pizza and Stromboli and potato chips ( I hate to admit) and as I get older I think my horrible eating habits have a much greater impact on my energy levels than I’d like to believe.  Problem is, I’ve never really learned how to eat properly.  I’ve been programmed for junk and it’s really hard to break out of that habit.  I try really hard to eat right, but I always end up resorting to old habits because they are comfortable and to be perfectly honest, healthy foods always leave me feeling hungry.  I wish there was some way to feel full and satisfied by eating only foods that will give me the energy I need to not feel so dag gone crappy after my runs. 

Okay, so enough of the whining and moaning; on to happier things.  Since I’ve been running in the city (about 3 years now), I’ve become more aware of the peculiar habits of what is known as the Washington wildlife and NO, I’m not referring to the homeless people.  I’m referring to the squirrels and birds.  Last fall, I read an article about how the squirrel population in the central and northeast regions of the US was diminishing because of the shortage or scarcity of acorns.  The shortage of acorns, the article states, is a result of the less-than-average rainfall that the East has been experiencing over the past several years.  This shortage of acorns has led to a drastic decline in the squirrel population in the East.   Bottom line, no rain leads to no acorns and no acorns lead to the decline in the squirrel population.  May I just point out; this is not the case in our Nation’s capital.  These little city tree rodents also known as sciurus carolinenis have adapted to their environment by learning how to survive on human junk food leftovers thus leaving them impervious to the acorn famine.  Their numbers are doubling and tripling in size both in weight and in numbers.  And the birds are no strangers to this change in dietary habits.  At first, it’s kinda funny to witness.  I once saw a squirrel struggling to get a Snicker’s ice cream bar wrapper off his head.  I guess he was trying to get every last bit of bar by going further and further into the wrapper and got the back-end stuck on his head.    Here are some photos of a bird and a squirrel fighting over a Styrofoam container filled with left over french-fries.  They wouldn’t let me get close enough to capture them in the act but I got a shot of each of them afterwards and you’ll see the bird won this battle. 

  I’m not gonna lie, I did laugh my ass off when I saw it, but dudes…what are the long-term effects?  I mean are these squirrels going to start to develop heart disease and diabetes and have issues with obesity?  I mean, maybe I’m reaching a little but it kinda makes me sick how humans with their irresponsible eating habits are not only having an impact on how they and their children are having issues with proper diet, but now animals are suffering from the secondary effects.   Next thing you know, squirrels are gonna be blogging about how they never learned proper eating techniques and are bitching and moaning about how tired they are.  UGH!

I’ll stop now…  Peace out my little runners!  And remember, keep on running!