Can someone please tell me how we ended up in the middle of July?  Did I fall asleep during the first week of May and wake up on July 15th?  DUDES!??  What’s the story with this weather?  Like I know I said I wasn’t going to complain anymore (yeah, like that would ever happen) but com’on…what happened to those beautiful spring mornings that start out at like 60 degrees and slowly make their way to 70 by noon?  Running in Washington is only enjoyable two times out of the year; spring and fall and so far I seem to have missed spring.  I went for a run this morning and I believe it was approximately 351 degrees outside.  Maybe it was a little cooler but not by much.  I felt like some sort of night creature who was mistakenly let out during the day, trying desperately to find any hint of shade as if the sun would singe my skin with even the shortest duration of exposure.  Seriously, I must have looked  a little batty to someone who might have been watching me because I was crossing over streets left and right trying to stay in the shade.  I only did three miles and I got sunburned for chrissake!!!  Look at me, I’m a mess! And, those glasses don’t help the situation at all.  

(I must be a very confident person to share this photo with you all). 

In addition to the heat and humidity, I was dealing with the after effects of going to the gym last night (lifting weights and doing cardio on the elliptical for almost an hour), and celebrating Cinco de Mayo.  Yeah, I’m an idiot – quesadillas, fajita, and margaritas are not really the nutritional building blocks for someone who is trying to get a better marathon time but sometimes you just gotta say..what the @*&%, right?  Yeah, you’re right…not if I want a better time.  It’s so daggone hard to get the right nutritional balance when you’re trying to train.  Does anyone out there have any good training meal ideas?  I don’t want anything high in calories but I do want to make sure I have enough energy to get through my weekly training runs.  I think that’s one of the many reasons why I have never been a very fast runner – I suck at nutrition.  Any help would be greatly appreciated here. 

On a lighter note, I discovered something kinda cool today.  Normally, when I run in the heat, even if it’s just for short distances, I get the worst cottonmouth.  I properly hydrate so it’s not that. I guess it’s just the way I breathe when I run, but my mouth gets so dry I can barely close it.  Today, I brought some sugar-free Lifesavers (five flavors) along with me and man can I tell ya, those little suckers (no pun intended) made all the difference in the world.  No dry mouth!  Whoo Hooo! One less thing to complain about!  The simplest things can make the whole world seem good and pure – well, not really but they did help my dry mouth. 

It’s time to get on with my day.  Side note: It always feels so good to get your run done first thing in the morning so you don’t have to stress about it the rest of the day. 

Peace out my brothahs and sistahs!  Remember to keep on running!