Greetings my little nuggets!  How are you today?  I’m doing well thank you very much.  Today was a banner day for me.  I actually got up early and went running before work.  I didn’t make it into the city like I normally do when I run in the mornings (believe it or not it’s safer to run in the city than in my neighborhood), so I had to do my usually “at home” route.  Not a big fan of running in my neighborhood…not only is the area kinda ghetto, it’s just not that interesting but I brought my camera along with me to show you some of the sights anyway…

Here is a picture of the bridge on Franconia Road crossing over the Metro tracks.  The reason why I added this photo is that this bridge has always kinda cracked me up.  If you look closely, you will notice that there is only a protective fence covering the bridge half way.  I was curious as to why it stopped at mid-point on the bridge so I started asking around.  I found out that the bridge crosses over the Springfield and Alexandria city limit lines.  The fence is on the Springfield side.  It appears that Alexandria does not find it important to protect pedestrians from falling off the bridge, plunging to their death on to the Metro tracks.  Or, perhaps the mental and/or physical  well-being of the residents of Alexandria is such that there is no danger of anyone jumping off, falling off or being thrown off said or any bridge for that matter.  Who could know?  Either way, it’s kind of a cool shot with the sun coming up over the trees don’t ya think?

Now this shot is just dag nasty.  This is a photo of a bus shelter (on the Alexandria side of Franconia Road by the way) in which someone decided they couldn’t hold it any longer so they just copped a squat on the bench and pooped on the ground.  What the heck???  Really??   I don’t know what to say about that..other than, now you know why I try to drive into the city to run in the mornings. 

Here’s a photo of me…pretty sweet.  Look how tall I am and check out how long my legs are.  And, just in case you were interested in purchasing any real estate in my hood, there’s Janice Buckley’s number for ya.  She works for Long and Foster you know.  There’s some free advertising for you Jancice…don’t say I never did anything for you.

Before I close for today, I’d like to poll all you  fellow runners out there to find out what your favorite road races are.  I have a certain few that I do ever year because I know they are fun and usually have  a good turn out, but I’m looking to expand my horizons.  If you have a list of favorites let me know so I can add them to my list.  In my next entry I’ll add yours to mine and we’ll have  a complete list of featured races!  Awesome.  On that note, I bid you all a wonderful day!  Peace, and remember…keep on running!