Greetings and salutations runners!  Miss me?  The weekend was kinda crazy with the race and all, I just didn’t have time to update the blog.  Speaking of the race, I had a great time yesterday at the Pikes Peak 10K.  Got some great photos that I’ll share with you in a sec.  It was so cool to have Willie and Bella there with me.  I love it when my kids run with me!  On Thanksgiving day a couple of years ago we all ran the race for hunger.  It’s a great race sponsored by So Others May Eat; a local organization whose mission is to address the hunger issue in the Metro area.  Check out the website if you get a chance.  We raised just under a 1,000 dollars that year.  We ran as a team, The McRivappski’s.  It was a blast!!!  It was Katie, Jason, Willie, Lizzy and I.  Prolly one of my most favorite races ever!

On to yesterday’s race.  I woke up yesterday morning around 5:30 AM and went down to let Randal (my ugly fat pug) out and to see what the weather was like.  Man was it cold and rainy.  Perfect running weather for me but no so much for Miss Bells.  I was wondering if it was a good idea to have her run but we decided to bring her with us and let her choose whether or not she wanted to run when the time came.  That proved to be the right course of action. 

I was a little worried about not getting there on time.  The race was scheduled to start at 7:50 and we were sitting in the car at 7:12 waiting to leave the house with a 32 mile drive ahead of us.  I’m not sure why but I always get a little jacked up before a race.  I mean it’s not like I’m gonna win or even have a chance at it.  I guess I just have this fear that I’m gonna be the last one across the finish line.  That would be horrible!!!

Here we are arriving at the starting line.  As you can see, I’m at the back of the pack.  My pace time is between 10 – 12 minute miles so I’m all the way back with the walkers and whatnot.  I don’t really mind it at all.   It’s a lot more relaxed than in the middle of that pack and if you feel good and want to push for a better time, you can start pushing through the crowd at like mile marker 2.  Most races do the wave start these days so they clock your time based on when you cross the start line not on when the race starts.  It’s much better that way!

Here’s Willie on the starting line of his first 10K.  Say hi Willie.  “Um Hi.”  That’s Willie.  A man of very few words.  Willie doesn’t like to get up earlier than 2 PM on weekends so he’s not 100% in this picture but he had fun.  He dug eat’n all the munchables after the race.  I think he’d be willing to do this race again based solely on the food that was available at the post race celebration.  “If it’s free , than it’s for me,  and I’ll take three.”

The race was pretty quiet this year.  There were the same number of runners as usual but the number of spectators was down due to the weather I’m sure. 

Here is a group of cheerleaders.  I think they were from the NASA Credit Union.  Don’t they look enthused to be standing out in the rain?!  I’m just kidding; it was great that anyone was out there to cheer on the runners.  It really does help break up the monotony of the run.  Here’s to all of you that have ever been out to support any race!!  I know it must be a drag but it means a lot to those who are running.  I especially want to give a  shout out to my loving husband James who weathers these races under any condition.  Hollah James!

Here’s a cool picture.  I call it “Empty Cups”  (baaahhaaaaa; I slay me).  This is at the water station at like mile 4 I think.  It kinda looks sad doesn’t it?  Like the forgotten Christmas trees the day after Christmas. Don’t worry all you hippies out there…we weren’t littering.  They encourage you to throw them on the ground rather than killing each other trying to move over to find a trash can.  The volunteers come by later to sweep them up.  By the time I make it to the water station, there aren’t that many folks around me so I have plenty of room to make it over to the trash can.  But, sometimes I admit, I do throw them on the ground trying to be all “badass” like I can’t spare that second it takes to walk it over to the trash…it would just kill my split time.

Here’s my little runner in full stride in the final stretch of the fun run.  She’s quite the runner for 6.  It won’t be long till she’s passing me by.  I mean seriously, look at that form.

Here we are post race.  Notice the bling on Bella?  She got a medal for crossing the finish line.  What a major award that is!   Willie said I shouldn’t put this photo up because the hat makes me look goofy but you know what, I don’t give a currrrr. 

Well, today is another training day.  It’s gonna hurt to run but I just got keep on keep’n on!  Peace out my peps!  Remember to stay motivated and “just do it!”