Happy Thursday!  I really need make sure I add these entries right after my runs.  After I ran last night ,I was in a fantastic mood – I guess it’s the endorphins or whatever.  Anyway after an hour and a half commute into work today, my mood is not quite the same but I’m gonna try to get back some of that enthusiasm I had last night when I finished. 

So, I took my camera with me on my run last night.  I was hoping to capture a few shots to show you all some of the great things I get so see along my way.  I really did have a fantastic run.  The weather was perfect – 60 degrees and rainy;  awesome temperature to run in and the rain kept all the tourists in their hotels.  I really don’t like tourists.  I know they are a necessary evil for this town but damn if they are not horrible.  I only hope that when I travel with my family that we are more courteous of the folks who live in the town we are visiting than the clowns that come to visit DC.  But anyway I digress…my run was awesome.  I had no problems with my knee , no issues with breathing and aside from the rain puddle here and there I couldn’t have asked for a better run. 

Check it.  This is my path!  Arent you jealous?  It’s so beautiful this time of year.  Normally it’s teaming with tourists with their stupid kids but last night I pretty much had the path to myself.  Can any of you tell where this is? If you know the area you should be able to recognize it pretty easily. 

Right after the duel blizzard of 2010, I ran down this way after work.  It was breath-taking.  It was about 4:30 PM and the sun was setting.  The snow-covered the ground looked so pristine.  This is the kinda thing that keeps me running.

Here are a couple of little friends I met along the way.  They too were enjoying the absence of the tourists and not being chased down by some 10-year-old fat kid with a popsicle in their hand.  When I first walked up to them to get a better shot , they started to run away from me…I guess they mistook me for that kid with the popsicle, but when they saw I was just trying to get a picture of them, they came right back and decided to pose for me.  Aren’t they too cute?  I bet they’re boyfriend and girlfriend.

This is at mile 1.3 on my run.  Does anyone know what this is?  It truly is awe-inspiring.  If you know what it is, you know what I’m talking about.  Don’t worry you folks who don’t know, I promise I’ll tell ya what this is at a latter date.  I just like the idea of playing where’s Waldo with these photos.  It’s kinda fun.  I had taken a photo of my shoe on the side-walk here.  I thought it would be funny to add as sort like “see I am here” but I decided against it.  One, because I was too lazy and impatient to add another picture (they take forever to send and upload from my phone) and two, because my leg looked so fat I didn’t want to share it. 

Okay, so this is my last photo.  I took this one just as the little voice from my Nike iPod thingy said in my ear, “300 meters to go.”  That iPod thingy is the bomb by the way.  It even gives you encouraging messages from Lance Armstrong when you’ve gone further than you have before…he comes on and says “congratulations, you’ve just completed your longest run.”  Makes you feel good inside that Lance is there to keep you motivated. 

Speaking of motivation, I’d like to ask you all to make suggestions for playlists.  Mine are starting to get a little stale..there are only so many times you can listen to Hall and Oates singing, ‘You’re a Bitch Girl.”  Right after I got my iPod I used to play to that song all the time.  I’d be running and singing it to myself…convincing myself that I was just the sort of girl Darrel and John would be singing about…but now, like after hearing it 1,000 times I really don’t care what kind of girl they think I am. 

Well, I’ve taken up enough of your time today.  Peace out!  And may you always be inspired to run….or whatever it is you like to do.