Officially, today is not Day One of my training.  It’s just Day One of this blog which for all intents and purposes will be day one of my training.   I registered on 7 April for the MCM and much to my surprise I got in.  For those of you who don’t know, the MCM is what is known as the “people’s marathon.”  Part of being the “people’s marathon” is there is no qualifying time that you must have in order to register.  Any schlub can register, you just have to be fast with a keyboard and have your credit card ready.   So, I’m in.  Whoo hoo.  Like I said to my husband, “Yay, I got in…wait a minute, I got in.”  So, now I’ve got to train.  I’ve been running at least one day a week over the past several months but I know sometime soon I’ve got to kick-start this thing.  I’m scheduled to run today…I try to run on MWF and a long run on the weekend.  But, it’s all cold outside and I’m tired….ugh…I know excuses excuses.   I just need to get out there.  I am a little concerned about my knee, the past couple of times I’ve run I have felt this dull pain on the right side of my right knee.  I think i jinxed myself when I kept telling everyone “oh I’ve NEVER had any knee injuries.”  I’m gonna do a short run today to see how it feels.  If it’s still hurting, I guess I better start looking into what I need to do to make this all better.

And just a little side note, I’m probably on the bridge in this photo.  It was taken during the 2004 MCM.  If you read my “About” page, I talk about when I ran the marathon and actually finished it.  It was in 2004.